Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Part Two...and Holiday Workshops!

Sanua Semples was a petite woman: 4'11 in height but perfectly proportioned. Her hair was the color of caramel, and while long in length, she always wore it braided and in a bun at the back of her head. I didn't know her age but her hands were warm and slightly wrinkled. Her skin was tinged brown like a berry and
when she spoke her mouth had the most lovely and engaging smile which brightened her eyes in such a pretty way. She wore a nubby woolen sweater in an earthy shade of gray over a dress made of the most petite calico pattern, in pink and pewter, that you could barely discern the graphic. On her feet were thick, woolen socks and elfin-like work boots. She was a wisp of a woman, with the build  of Tasha Tudor's frame mixed with the natural and charismatic presence of a fairy godmother. I never really knew how my mother knew Sanua, but our closeness and warmth was like that of a grandmother and grandchild. Though few and far between, our visits were filled with love. On this visit she scooped me into her arms with that brilliant smile and ushered me across the threshold. I let out a nervous giggle. Half surprised and half engaged when my eyes caught a topsy-turvy view of the ceiling, I came to rest gently on the front room fainting couch with a big kiss planted on my rosy red cheek.  "Welcome, welcome!" she exclaimed.

Have you heard about the holiday workshops I host in my studio?
 If you've ever wondered about what they might entail, read this blog post by Amy of Maison Decor of her visit to my studio for one such workshop!
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  1. What a wonderful story! Rarely does an image develop in my head when reading... but it did this time!

    Great job, Matthew!!!

  2. Love this story...can't wait to read more...and so very happy for your success at your workshops...will you be opening a web store besides Etsy?

  3. enchanted by your storytelling.... and have signed up for another workshop with much anticipation. xo


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