Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Part Four of The Christmas Pudding...

Beyond the bank of windows was a scrubbed pine triple-cut door, and outside, a ramp that led from the house to the clearing in front of the barn. Sanua had three cohabitants:  a miniature brown donkey named Samuel, a goat she called Lamb, and a friendly orange cat appropriately called Scoot - as Sanua was
always scooting him away from a cooling pie or a hot stock pot of jam. The
Dutch door was their place to be present in the kitchen. The top two doors
swung open, even in the winter time to allow the smallish donkey and goat to place
their heads inside to be part of the daily happenings. On these cooler days,
the fire was stoked to a roar and the animals wore tailored coats made of old
gray woolen blankets and embellished with vintage black buttons. On the plank
counter was a hand blown glass jar of brown sugar lumps and a wooden bowl of lady
apples that I could feed to these interested and participating creatures.


  1. I look forward to each installment of The Christmas Pudding! Thank you! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Enjoying each time you post a part of your story...thank you!


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