Monday, December 8, 2014

On the Cover...

In early September, Better Homes and Gardens asked me to work on a cover try for their December issue. Jenny and I came up with a few concepts for an updated snow globe and they selected the version in the "air plant" sphere as their cover in late October.  We are so excited to share this great idea on the cover of one of the world's favorite family lifestyle magazines. 
Three things you might not know about this cover:

We did several versions of globes. Some with deer, houses, and both.

We found the globes at GRENON TRADING COMPANY (603-472-3946) in Bedford, NH. The globes come in many sizes and make great gifts.

We used our Wagner Flexio 890 paint sprayer to paint the wall red. (MORE TO COME ON THAT. )


  1. It's beautiful! Congrats on a Fabulous cover!

  2. I LOVEDvthis project and cover and quicklynopened up my issue to see how you created these adorable mini terrariums! Congratulations!!!! Your talent is being recognized and appreciated.

  3. Congrats...and I love what you both created .....happy holidays and big hugs to you and Jennifer!

  4. I love what BHG chose, it's such a fresh idea for the holidays. But I'd expect nothing less from you two! I've greatly enjoyed finding your blog.

  5. One of my favorites. I have an air plant in a globe like this hanging in my kitchen window. I'm giving them as gifts this year. Who knew I had such style?


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