Saturday, November 15, 2014

Painted Pumpkins with Wagner...

Save your Halloween pumpkins this year to create beautiful thanksgiving decorations for your entire home.

Fresh pumpkins, uncut with no blemishes
Painters tape, letter decals, stickers
Wagner Flexio 890 paint sprayer with the detail spray nozzle attachment
Flat latex paints (in the colors of your choices)
Craft paper
Paint cloth
Push pins
Cloth rag

Prepare your work surface with craft paper. Hang a 9x12 paint cloth on the wall of your work space secured with push pins.  Work in a well ventilated space.  Prepare pumpkins by making sure they are at room temperature. Wash with a solution of two parts water to one part vinegar to remove any dirt. Let dry thoroughly. We were inspired by fall leaf colors in shades of russet, green and gold, but you can recycle paint that you already have from wall painting and furniture up cycling. 

Use paint tape, stickers and decals to add graphic designs to your pumpkin. Words, stripes, leaf patterns are all possible patterns to decorate the surface of your pumpkin. Use your imagination and be creative. 

 Attach the detail nozzle to the Flexio sprayer and cover the pumpkin with a sheer, even coat of paint.  Remove the tape or decal immediately and let pumpkin dry for twenty to thirty minutes. 

Once dry, use single pumpkins perched in wooden bowls or on a cake-stand to decorate an entry table or sideboard. For a centerpiece idea cluster several styles of pumpkins in the center of the dining table. Surround with nuts, lady apples, seasonal leaves and votive candles. 

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