Friday, September 19, 2014

Highs and Lows...but no cherry on top.

My decorating and styling got me into a bit of trouble with a famous decorator. 

Shortly before Christmas I got a call from the office of a very famous and high end East-coast decorator.  I had photographed his garden during the summer and now his administrative assistant was calling to see if I would photograph the house all decorated for Christmas. Of course I jumped at the chance and revelled in the thought that my work really resonated with him. I did the job days before the holidays and was invited to visit the design office in the new year to work on a social media plan for the decorator.  It was welcome news to my ears...and a fresh possibility of work and income.

The separation from the publisher was making for a bleak holiday, but the promise of this new work in the new year was welcome and refreshing.  Jenny and I prepared ourselves with a complete proposal and what we had to offer this "decorator" client.  Portfolios were created, images readied, all the I's dotted and T's crossed.  Several snowstorms plagued our progress and weeks went by until the face-to-face meeting in NYC.  I had high hopes. but it all didn't go down as planned and I got quite the tongue lashing...

To be continued...


A box of ice cream cones... Jenny likes the economical quart of soft serve from Dairy Queen and they won't sell you cones to go with it, so we have a box of cake cones and we scoop our own.

A box of current Halloween magazines:  inevitably I run into someone who can't find a copy and I am able to deliver on the spot.

A plastic bin of plates, casserole dishes and flatware left over from my Associated Press food shoot that I do every Monday on location.


  1. Oh this is getting interesting, a cliff hanger!
    Love the 3 things you share in each post.

  2. Your blog...CAN BE A BOOK!!!!!

    Loving it!
    Victoria Silva

  3. Such a TEASE! I hope these posts, which are fun for us to read, are helping you process all the garbage you're dealing with now!


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