Thursday, August 28, 2014

We're Baaack...!!!!

I've been away from my blog for a while (a long while!), and I know that each time I stray
 I say it's because of difficult challenges. Well, same lame reason
applies now, but certainly no worse than what most of us go through.  Still, it's
been enough to hi-jack my motivation and keep me quiet.  
  Summer was a fleeting moment, as always, and I did none of the things that I had
pledged to do before the days get dark and the leaves ready themselves to leave the
trees. But enough complaints and excuses! I had a super lovely
afternoon in July meeting author and craft super-star Elyse Press Major,
author of the delightful book SEASIDE TINKERED TREASURES.  We are both
New England authors, travel in the same social media circles with many shared acquaintances, and love the idea of sharing a summery bite to eat and getting to know each other.  Elyse is a charmer, just like her book! She is bright, refreshing, and effervescent  like the misty bubbles
 from a freshly popped bottle of French champagne. We met at THE CHEW
in Sandwich, Mass (a fun and fast-moving cafe where Cape Cod-ers go to
meet and eat).  We exchanged books, stories from our adventures, tales
of our children and spouses - and like old friends, found many reasons to
plan something together in the future.  Until then, we each decided to
share ONE signed copy of each of our current  books as a  last great
way to celebrate summer. To enter, please post about our contest on Facebook, Instagram or your blog and provide a link back to us. We will pick the lucky winners after Labor Day so they can bask in
the final stylish rays of the season. We will draw and post the winner's name on September 2.

Okay, now: LET'S ALL DIVE IN!!


1.  It is filled with super creative projects that can be made using
natural finds, and items you already have around the house.

2.  The book is timeless and is likely the best weekend guest gift to
give, ever -- especially if the recipient lives near water.

3.  The images have that spectacular light-quality, and the words offer "just
the right narration" to transport you into Elyse's dreamy and stylish

Oh, and Elyse brought Jenny and me a copy of her book (and our very own "Tinkered Treasure) to keep for ourselves:

Come and visit again soon. Because I really am baaack!! 


(This contest is now closed.)