Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dreaming of a White Easter...

One of Matthew's most popular repins on Pinterest is the White Easter story that he produced last year. Perhaps it is his subtle nod to the reverence and purity of the holiday or his subtle use of a bunny silhouette...but whatever the reason, it is an undeniably charming approach to Easter decorating and entertaining.

Find the template for this bunny silhouette here.

 Simple white flowers, candles, and cookies adorn the table, above.

 Tuck in tiny flowers to a pot filled with eggs.

 Print out bunny images from a copyright-free website and adhere them to cellophane-wrapped lollipops. Children will love the sweet treat!

 White asparagus is placed around a pillar candle and secured with silk ribbon.

 Float blooms in water-filled votives and place around the table.

 Matthew filled a garden urn with white hydrangea blooms and elevated it using a small white stool.

Hard-boiled eggs rest atop candy-coated almonds in a favorite dish.

 A simple bunny stencil is set atop a thick slab of poundcake and dusted with icing sugar.

Find more White Easter inspiration here


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