Monday, April 14, 2014

Be Happy...and Brave!

Like most people, I've experienced a tough winter. It has been such a long one and we are just now seeing the ice melt from our yard. This past weekend was the first time I didn't have to brace myself for the frosty chill. We are desperately in need of leaves as everything is brown and the spring sun doesn't allow any shade or pretty shadows. 

All will be right, however, in a few weeks and I look forward to being out in the sunshine in my yard. As you know, I have a wonderful new book shipping next week from Amazon, and you will be able to find it easily within the next few weeks at your local bookstore. It is one of my best projects to date and is filled with wonderful ideas for engaging every inch of the summer season. 

On a personal note, this past winter truly challenged me to my core on many levels. I've had to think of new ways to re-invent my career and be "brave." Supporting me in this mission has been a favorite song and video by Sara Bareilles. It is a song that talks about speaking out and sharing your truth and being yourself.  And while I share the best parts of myself in my work, it is obviously not the entire picture. The video, which features Ms. Bareilles, shows ordinary people dancing in public and being BRAVE about sharing themselves so fully. I'm working on it, and while I won't be dancing on the town common anytime soon, I will be working on being a bit more BRAVE. 

Now enjoy a little glimpse of my new book and order one to jump-start your summer:
Fresh roses from a beautiful rose garden are decanted into rose water for baking and perfume.

I love a recycled and married piece of furniture, especially when it serves a wonderful purpose.This beautiful table on Bunny Williams's outdoor patio pairs a concrete-texture top with a planter as a base. Durable, weather proof, perfect for outside...BACKYARD STYLE!   

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  1. Oh Matthew...I so admire your honesty! I agree, winter has taken a toll, but so can living. When we are brave, it does matter. Integrity is priceless!

  2. Dance your heart out Matthew :) you are awesome and I can't wait to see what you do next xo


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