Friday, October 4, 2013

Autumn Around The House...a guest post!

Hi everyone, I’m Debra from Paper Parade Co. and I’m thrilled to be contributing a guest post today on my friend Matthew’s blog.

Up here in Toronto, autumn is in full swing. I absolutely love this season, and… our Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner (October 14th) and so I’ve started to add a little seasonal décor to my home.

I like to add subtle touches of autumn to my house, using items I have around the house or find outside rather than buying décor from shops.  I love the combination of handmade, vintage and nature to achieve an understated seasonal style.

Fallen tree branches, pages from old books, and objects gathered from around the house helped create this simple vignette. 

 (scroll down for the branch DIY)

Adding autumn touches can be as simple as putting feathers in an old mason jar.

I found this charming walnut candy mold while thrifting with a friend last week.

 It would make sweet little chocolates to share with friends but I thought it would be fun to use oven dry clay (such as Fimo) to create faux walnuts. They are easy to create.  Hint: Visit a bakery supply store to find similar metal or plastic molds.
Step 1: roll the clay into a ball.

Step 2: flatten the clay to fit the mold.

Step 3: press the clay into the mold firmly so it picks up the design.

Step 4: gently release the clay and bake in your oven according to package instructions.

I’ve simply placed the finished walnuts on a napkin to use as part of my Thanksgiving table décor. You could also use them as a place card holder, if you added a little indent in the clay before baking or add a hole at the top and string them on some baking twine for a sweet garland.

Another easy autumn inspired diy …

 The book page branch is an easy craft you can create using scrap paper, vintage book pages, or other paper you have lying around your home. Vintage wallpaper would make a stunning branch as well!

Using scissors, cut the paper into a leaf shape. Then hot glue the tip of the leaf to the branch, hold gently so it sticks and repeat until you have the number of leaves you want on your branch.

I’d love to hear how you add touches of autumn to your home. Please let me know in the comments here or visit me over on my blog Paper Parade Co.


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  1. Love your touches of autumn and cute leaves on a branch craft..may try that one myself:) Happy Thanksgiving

    1. Thanks Elisabeth. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

  2. Great ideas, Debra! Your walnuts are my favorite...

    1. aren't the walnut molds great? I think chocolate is next on the agenda ;)


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