Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Eerie Illuminati...

Pumpkins can be decorated in so many fun ways without lots of intricate carving. This year, we hollowed out the inside of the pumpkins and then cut a a rectangle in the front to create an illumination window for a favorite design that has been printed on vellum. Simply print your art on a vellum sheet from Michael's crafts store. Cut the opening in the pumpkin and place vellum art over opening, attaching it to the pumpkin with black thumb tacks  from Staples. Use a battery-operated light to keep your pumpkin safely illuminated.
Simple and fun!
 Matthew Mead's HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR is available for order via and


  1. A great idea! Spooky and unique. And I like that you painted the word HIDE on the small pumpkin.


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