Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sea Monsters...

Ever since I worked at Country Home magazine I wanted to take pumpkins to the beach for a new kind of story. My editors never got the connection and I never stopped thinking about what a great story it could be. Last fall, Jenny and I loaded the truck full of the orange orbs and set off to the ocean. A large weather front moved in with lots of fog, wind and misty rain, but it proved to be the best and most amazingly fresh and simple story on decorating pumpkins.

Here I am  moving the heavy pumpkins around the beach to get the perfect shots:

Working in October in the wind and rain at the beach is like being
inside a quickly changing micro-burst of weather. I ended up drenched
and cold but the results inside the magazine were all worth the effort:

 Matthew Mead's HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR is available for order via and


  1. This is great! It is fun to have a new take on a familiar object.

  2. What fun to see the process here. Looking forward to the new issue.

  3. Love this - what a fun twist on Halloween!


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