Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Weekend with Tricia Foley...

 Few things in life live up to how wonderfully you can imagine them. My wife, my family, my dog are all at the top of the list as better. The island of Nantucket too, and Paris of course... but Tricia Foley's NEW GENERAL STORE is right up there as well. Every year I am honored to participate and bring a few items to sell. I love meeting all of the people that come from far and wide and also catching up with the community of style professionals -- decorators, photographers, stylists, all converge to partake in a lovely weekend of beautiful things, delicious food and support.

I always enjoy staying with Trish: beautifully appointed bedrooms (as you can imagine) sumptuous towels, great conversation and fun.  I never feel more wholly accepted and intrigued than when I am at her home.

The first night is a dinner of guests over delicious eggplant Parmesan. Salad, wine, ice cream all flow freely around a table of friends and pets and fruitful conversation.

I always set up early on Saturday morning. I was in the chicken coop this time and brought a mix of my product line and vintage pieces.
Vintage books are a passion. I gather and bring volumes on birds, leaves, trees, gardens and topography.

I use the opportunity to change out some of my props. I love this old
tea box that held a tea pot and hand sculpted bust -- probably a college
studio project from the 60's.

A vintage book on mushrooms has a plain cover but opens up to the
most beautiful and detailed illustrated printed plates.

A stack of silver trays will intrigue decorators.

Some books come from my private collection as I look to find new
volumes. I have collected ivory colored pottery for years as well...
A black and white photo of peonies has a lovely coordinating frame in
silver leaf.
 The inside bottom of a woven compote is graphic and simple in materials.

My jelly jars look great with illustrations of the many ways to use
 Trish has a rustic log table outside where she placed beautiful old
pieces of ironstone and porcelain dishes.
 A basket bike and vases of flowers mark the entrance of the store.
Trish has a lovely boat building modernized with windows and lighting
which creates the most spectacular retail space.
 Treasures abound.  Trish has both new and vintage items... much of it
made from artisans and local food purveyors.

Her friend and business partner Roy Hardin makes the most delectable
grilled pizza for lunch... with fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella
cheese, basil and a lightly dressed salad with arugula and toasted pine
 Even the ice for the Lemon Verbena tea has Tricia Foley's classic
simple touch.
Kate, the daughter of one of Tricia's longtime friends, comes from
Manhattan to help every season. This time she has prep duty in the
  Flowers and herbs bloom all over the yard.
Visitors congregate around a table that Roy created years ago.   
My chicken coop was just the right size for my mini sale.

I purchased some items for my own collection from a photographer I have
always admired. I will show off my finds in an upcoming post.
Now, how was your weekend?

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  1. It was so great to have you with us and love seeing your visual recap of our weekend! Just wish I had more time to shop in your collections! x Tricia

  2. You really captured the weekend, Matthew! Love it! xox

  3. Now I'm even more bummed I couldn't make it out there! Glad the rain didn't spoil the fun! I'll have to make it a priority to get to the next one! xx Jill

  4. looks lovely Matthew. what a perfect weekend.

  5. So beautiful Matthew. Trish is one of my style icons and I was lucky to have experienced her home one of the General Store days because of you. The chicken coop was perfect for all your beautiful things. Lucky Thomas, too - the books! Thank you for sharing. I hope one day to go back.


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