Monday, May 6, 2013

A Spring Garden Event...

Jenny and I felt so privileged in many ways this past weekend.We were asked by our long-time friend and photographer Helen Norman to participate in an amazing garden event at Ladew Gardens--a historic topiary garden just north of Baltimore, MD.  Helen and I worked together during my years at Country Home and always look for oportunities to work together every chance we get. She contributes a great deal to Ladew Gardens and has asked me several times to participate in the annual event. This year I cleared my schedule and Jenny and I packed our truck with books and vintage items and made the nearly 9 hour drive to do the show. What a wonderful see the grounds, meet other vendors, learn about the property, and stay with Helen, who has a wonderfully relaxing compound with a charming guest house where Jenny and I were able to relax and enjoy every perk of country life.

Ladew has acres and acres of the most beautifully sculpted whimsical topiaries and a historic house that is just spectacular. Check their website for tours and events. 

Our white tented space was amongst the trees and next to a spectacularly oversized bird house.
The house is pristine and beautifully maintained. One vendor staged vintage garden furniture on the front lawn; it looked so totally at home.

I have collected garden items for over 20 years. Watering cans, old gathering trugs, topiary forms and miniature urns. My wife always urges me to share these treasures and so I dug deep for this event.

Watering cans in every shape and size lined our booth:

I brought books, wire baskets and my famous jelly jars. A trip to the local Wegmans yielded spectacular garden roses and other blooms.

My bird plaque fret-work ornaments were perfectly at home in the garden settings. We decorated the tables and tent with our linen runners.

Helen photographs homes, products, people...everything to do with home and lifestyle. She shared our booth and debuted her new card line of organic vegetables grown on her own farmlands by her brother.  They are beautiful and drew lots of people to our tent.
Many folks dropped in to visit and purchased items, while some just enjoyed the amazing weather.
 Jenny found a syroco garland which will really dress up a wall in a "garden-ey" way.

We enjoyed every moment at the garden, meeting so many people and
spending time with Helen. It was a working, but truly relaxing, get-away.

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  1. Sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing your day!

  2. Certainly looks like a fun time. I collect watering cans also and love the photo of your collection!! I usually plant flowers in mine and put one on each of my front porch steps. They always draw lots of compliments. I'm sure all your collections do, too!

  3. okay...I spy tooooo many beautiful things that would work well in MY home and would make my HEART happy!...why do we not live closer?! Your displays look stunning!

  4. Oh, what a lovely event. I would have taken home one of your vintage gardening cans. '-)

  5. What a great day, the booth looks wonderful. I just had a quick look at the gardens at Ladew, Harvey certainly had a way with topiary. The water lily gardens are absolutely stunning too, what a tranquil space!


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