Monday, April 29, 2013

Mother's Day: Tips and Tricks for Dads...

This post is for moms to share with their husbands (especially those dads of young
children who are eager to have a hand in a way to celebrate mom on Mother's day). Sadly, there is no course for young Dads that explains their role in the celebration of Mother's day. And needless to say it is an important day in which I not only celebrate my mom, but also my wife. Even to this day-- with two grown, adult daughters-- it is still in my repertoire to whip something special up celebrate my wife and her hard work and success at being a mom.

This year I am planning lunch in our newly redecorated garage (barring torrential rains and cold weather).  And I intend to photograph every step and share some special ideas that you will be able to adapt to any summertime entertaining event. In this post, I want to encourage dads to do a bit of planning, visit a grocery store or garden center, and make an effort to help the kids pull of something worthy of a special and loving mother.

Roses and strawberries are always a great and fun way to celebrate.  

Purchase both at the grocery store and set up a special setting on the porch or patio. Buy some pastries or muffins and you have in instant welcoming way to start the day.

Flowers and herbs make wonderful gifts. 

You can pluck the blossoms from a flat of flowering plants to create a small bouquet, and then plant the remaining plants in the garden to grow all summer long. Purchase a bakery-shop cake and simply add pansy blossoms that have been dipped in melted jam and dredged in regular white sugar. Use the blooms to decorate the cake.

Get take-out from a favorite restaurant and dress up the table with herbs and flowers.

Flowers in a clear glass mug can dress up mom's special place setting.
Or add a napkin ring to a napkin and attach a small tussie mussie of fragrant herbs:

Make a candle centerpiece using a jar filled with sand and candles, and then embellished with fresh flowers hydrated by water picks:

Show off a single bloom in a mass of lush green lettuce:

  Get your supplies at the grocery store. Fill a case with water. Place lettuce
in water and place a bloom in the center of the lettuce. Add other green foliage
and present as a gift for a bedside table.

For very young children, create these fool-proof flower arrangements:

Place a dinner plate on a table runner.  Fill with 3/4-inch of water
and float blossoms like pansies, marigolds, and chrysanthemums for a
simple arrangement that will last for days.

No matter what you choose, make sure your mom, your wife and any other mother in your life knows that she is loved, adored and


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  1. I like your ideas about making sure a husband celebrates his Mom and his own wife for being a good Mom. My husband has been quite good about that also.

    I've enjoyed your magazines!


  2. I like that you address this subject..most Husbands haven't a clue about any of this, and that you have shown countless, budget minded DIY ways that they can celebrate Mom!! ( especially like the lettuce with bloom!)


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