Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Dinner with Matthew Mead...

  Vintage card board bunnies were placed all around the house for instant
reminders of the season.

I had the brilliant idea to cover all the aspects of our Easter celebration this year with my camera.  It proved to be an interesting juggling act between food preparation, finding the best light and delivering all the courses to the table hot and delicious.  Thank goodness for Jenny and her patience with me as our day of celebration seemed a great deal more like a day of work...but the results are thrilling to me and I am glad I put in the extra effort.

We found beautiful hydrangea bushes at the grocery store to slip into some of my vintage pottery pieces.  They instantly add seasonal flair:

I gathered transfer ware from my collection in all shades of purple, plum and lavender to set the table and serve the food.  Teamed with silver and white ironstone it sets just the right tone.

The centerpiece was a white compote layered with a basket tray to hold pretty blossoms and hollowed eggs painted and embellished with stickers and ribbons.

Jenny loves pansies and we were able to buy several flats from a local growers to fill jelly glasses and votive holders.

A hollowed egg perched atop a candle holder with stickers become a vase place card holder for my mother.

A vintage glass pansy ring is a fool proof way of creating a spectacular centerpiece for a side table:
 A purple transferware plate (a piece I found) but a style that my mother collects is placed at each setting with a pink damask napkin and a fresh bloom:

I found this vintage box to include in Jenny's Easter basket... she collects paintings, books and other vintage pansy items:
 Flowers gather in all kinds of vessels around the house... purple glass and silver pieces hold hydrangeas and hyacinth blossoms:
An Easter egg is easier to make than it looks: acrylic paint, simple paint strokes, and a butterfly sticker make a stellar design.
Fresh asparagus before a lemony steam bath:

 Dark chocolate non-pariels make all the vignettes edible:
 Making delicious food is paramount for my guests. Mostly familiar flavors...some with a twist.
 Shredded brussel sprouts sauteed in butter and topped with toasted
pecan pieces:
 Brown sugar cupcakes teamed with tangerines and blackberries.
Deviled eggs are made with a local mustard and topped with the
crunchiest pieces of crisp celery:
Potatoes two ways.. twice baked and escalloped.  I bake them in glass
votive holders from Ikea so they can be easily portioned out:
Farmer's market green beans steamed and prepared with butter and kosher

Asparagus, prepared in a lemony steam bath, fills a vintage transferware vegetable dish:
A spiral sliced ham really takes the pressure off.  We simply heat it
and serve with a warm mustard sauce.
 Renee was able to join us for dinner via FACE TIME.  She earned a place
in the center of the dining table so we could all chat with her. It
was nearly as good as having her right there:
She and her rescue dog Jack even joined in as we opened Easter baskets:
Dinner plates with pretty spring vegetables:
 Decorated eggs were placed in and around side tables and decorated
 Mismatched purple glasses are luminous in the afternoon light... adding
sparkle and color to the dining table.
 No-bake lemon cheesecake fills my jelly jars and is topped with whipped
cream, cake crumbs and fresh berries.
The brown sugar cupcakes were made very special. We topped each with
cream cheese icing, poked a whole in the center of the cake and filled
with the fresh juice of half of a tangerine. Top with berries and
serve immediately:
We so enjoyed our Holiday and are glad to share the color inspirations
with you. Any of these ideas and color ways would be perfect for a
spring brunch, Mother's day or wedding shower.


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  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate Easter!! Everything looked wonderful! You guys did a fantastic job and I am sure that it made everyone's day even more special. Thank you for sharing your day with us!


  2. thank you for sharing these beautiful photos

  3. SO gorgeous Matthew and yet I would expect nothing less from you. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Beautiful details in both the table setting and the food. All looks stunning!
    Seeing this gorgeous lavender transfer ware makes me want to add some of these pieces to our cupboards. Matthew, in the previous post you showed a piece of the lavender transfer ware featuring a bee skep. Please share the name of that pattern and any information you might have. Thank you!

  5. Okay...YUM! The photos, the food, the transferware, the's GORGEOUS Next Easter, I want to come to YOUR home! Thanks for sharing this feast for the eyes and, I'm certain, the palate. xo, Kimberly

  6. stunningly beautiful in every aspect! Wow what more could I say, speechless, Sally x

  7. You do the most amazing things with food and the presentation of it. I would say everything you touch is golden. Thank you for the eye candy and inspiration. Absolutely stunning. XO

  8. Gorgeous photographs! Those painted eggs are beautiful Matthew. Your presentation as usual is second to none. What a pleasure to sit at your Easter table!

  9. Beautiful- the shades of purple are heavenly! Wish I had been at your delicious dinner!

  10. Thank you for sharing with us, this delightful & scrumpscious day!

  11. I am so hungry now! Where do I find the recipes?


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