Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Garden Getaway....

 It is that time of year when I not only crave being outside, but also seek to carve out new-found space to expand my living for the warmer months. Last year Jenny and I did a cosmetic face-lift on our garage to create a great room for lounging and entertaining. You can see our simple transformation in my new book RECYCLED STYLE  which is on sale at Amazon.  A few years ago, I was totally enthralled by a cottage shed on my friend Sally's property. I instantly saw it as an afternoon retreat filled with fresh flea market finds. The results below show how instantly it was transformed and to great effect. Seaside colors and collections brought the rustic interior to life and created just the right space for a "staycation" getaway.

 The space was large and open and luminous with the perfectly patinaed wood. We moved just a few items and flung the doors and windows open to give it an open-air feel:

We gathered weather worn woods and galvanized pieces and special painted furnishings with color washed appeal.  A vintage bench and old painted barrel make a soft spot to "put your feet up."

A built-in bench with an old ticking mattress roll becomes an instant place for a summer nap. We feathered the nest with pillows and linen bedding. Just add a lantern and nap right until twilight:

We only added pieces in the color palette, which made shopping lots of fun. All you need to do is zero in on colors in your scheme and then gather till your heart's content. The old piano stool is missing its adjustable seat but has the most dreamy shade of green:

A pulled-back view shows the full effect: great country furnishings gathered for very little at the flea market. It looks like Mary Emmerling dropped in and spread her magic.

The most wonderful old cupboard retains all its function. Use as a bar for serving guests delicious, icy beverages.

Whether it`s a porch, patio, deck, or wonderful outbuilding. Try to see it in a new way and carve out your own special place for the summer season.


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  1. It looks to me like Matthew Mead came in a spread his magic, which you did! I loved having you come and transform my garden shed. Thanks for the post. So fun seeing the transformation from start to finish again.


  2. Everything look wonderful!!! What a warm and inviting space to spend a lazy summer afternoon. Thank you for continuing to inspire all of us to make our world a little more beautiful!!! I hope you have a great day! = )


  3. Wonderful space, Matthew! I'm sure your friend Sally enjoys many a pleasant afternoon relaxing in her tranquil space.

  4. I was the lucky winner of RECYCLED STYLE. What a great many great ideas and photos. Thanks.


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