Friday, March 1, 2013

The Bright Side...

 Make a simple celebration arrangement: Fill glass bowl with lemons and add water just below the bowls top rim. Fill with sprigs of fresh blooms of with the sunniest flowers you can find. Change water daily.

Something changed yesterday: my earth moved on its axis and I think it is because I had a helpful and cathartic rant (and kind support from you).  Sometimes you must put out there exactly what you are feeling and ask for a clear path. Not only did I receive clarity on a slew of projects I wasn't sure were going to happen, but at around 6:30 last night my Holiday 2013 magazine was approved for publication. A triumph for the printed page! We are all so very grateful. To top it off, I was greeted this morning with a very early sunrise. 

All seems right with the world.

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  1. After the rain comes the sun :) This is wonderful news!!!! I can see you smiling!

    Cheers my friend,
    ~ Johanna

  2. Oh, fantastic news! Congratulations! I look forward to my 2013 copy. ~ Sarah

  3. I know what you mean Matthew. It seems to be an impossible task to keep up with social media and all the technical gadgets and stuff going on. Like you, sometimes I just have to turn everything off and go to my studio and create. Today I worked on some wedding invitations I had taken on- sat in the sun and wrote names and addresses in calligraphy. Bliss! My hand on the paper and that was it...


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