Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Forward

  Spring has sprung for me.  
I'm going green this week... partly because of Spring, and partly as a salute to St.
Patty's Day.
Mentally, I am moving on from winter and filling my life with color and flowers and the flavors of spring. Our weekend was busy with the creation and execution of a baby shower for a friend; we will post about it in the coming weeks. We spent time crafting, cooking, decorating, etc., and I was able to capture some photos to share. 
On Friday, I returned to the studio with a stack of boxes to greet me: 
Cases of my new book MATTHEW MEAD'S ULTIMATE RECYCLED STYLE GUIDE has arrived (and on the very early side!) which I believe means they are also in the Amazon warehouse and will begin to be shipped out. We will be giving away copies this coming week, so please stay tuned. I am super thrilled (beyond any other book I have done) because the printing is superior and beautiful and the book is filled with lots of amazing colors and spring inspiration. We will share images all week, but I am just brimming with pride over how beautiful and thick this volume is, and the many easy and beautiful style ideas with step-by-step photos so you can easily replicate everything. You are going to love, love, LOVE this book.

If you have ordered a copy, we would love it if you would write in with your favorite stories once your copy arrives. I am so eager to hear what projects you will be trying!
I've got my favorite cake stands out (we used them for the shower) for the most delicious lemon layer-cake with lemon curd filling and a fluffy cream cheese frosting folded with whipped cream.

The grocery store is brimming with flowers, and hyacinths are a favorite of mine. 
I used an old pottery dish in green to show off these blossoms in a horizontal arrangement. Make sure the bulbs get plenty of hydration.Lemon is a favorite flavor and it is so bright for spring. We made mini lemon pies with a flaky pastry crust. Perfect size to pack for a picnic on a park bench.
RECYCLED STYLE has a great story on dyeing linen. Here's a batch all done in shades of green:
  You can follow the step-by-step directions in the book on how to create whichever shades you choose. These are a mix of different weaves which all take the color a bit differently.  Make some fresh pillows, napkins and table runners for spring.Whip up a magnet memo board:
 Simply paint a metal tray and then a mix of wooden magnets in a myriad of shades. This easy project only takes a few hours and, as you can see, really revives the look of appointment cards and things that inspire.
 I found a print of daffodils that is perfect for sprucing up a kitchen shelf with a few pieces of vintage pottery.  It was just a few dollars from the local thrift shop.
Asparagus flat bread with prosciutto is easy to make with naan bread, Alfredo sauce, and a mix of Parmesan, Asiago and mozzarella cheese. 
Wrap the prosciutto around the asparagus spears. Place atop the crust -- spread with Alfredo sauce -- and sprinkle with cheese. Bake at 400 degrees for 12-15 minutes until bubbly. Serve your pizza with a salad of pretty edible blooms (I found this pack of edible flowers at a regular supermarket in the cut-herbs section):
Mix with fresh spring greens and toss with a light dressing of oil, white balsamic vinegar and truffle oil.We finished up the weekend with this fun and super "springy" wreath:
  Wrap a foam wreath with ribbon adhered with a glue gun. Glue on Willy Wonka Lemon Warhead candies using a glue gun. Tie with a ribbon and add a single hyacinth flower. Hang in a protected area so it doesn't get wet... Enjoy!

Try just one of these things, and you will feel spring not only in your step, but also all through the house!


Matthew Mead's Recycled Style is available for pre-order via and

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