Friday, March 29, 2013

Shades of Easter...

 This year, our personal Easter table will be inspired by vintage shades of lavender.
  There will be pansies, hydrangeas. purple transfer, and bunnies embellished with edible pigments:

Modest Easter sentiments, reflective of the current economic times, 
will seem no less important because they will be wrapped with care. 

Oscar will hop about the floor looking for slivers of ham, my parents
will come for dinner, and our older daughter Michelle will be with us as
we skype with Renee and her fiance, Anthony, from their home in Florida.

There will be cupcakes, favors, and lots of anticipation for the
gathering.  I will share the details next week with images from our
day.  To everyone who follows me and my amazing team - the happiest of
spring holidays to each of you, and many blessings for good things to come.

See my seasonal entertaining blog on for more
entertaining ideas.
Happy Easter, one and all!

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  1. Matthew, your Easter table will no doubt be incredible. I look forward to seeing the photos of your celebration. The peek at the lavender transferware has me smiling. I want to know more about this pattern with the bee skep. Wishing you and your family an Easter weekend full of joy.
    ~ Sarah
    My copy of Recycled Style arrived in today's mail. Thank you! I'll be up late tonight reading. '-)

  2. Just lovely...violet is such a perfect Easter color.

  3. I was soooo happy to find some violas and pansies blooming at Black Forest Nursery. Bought three six packs, planted one Friday afternoon at the Morrill house, only to find them dug up and scattered Saturday morning! Still awaiting my Recycled Style from Amazon. Your Easter looks to be a lovely one. I, too, am interested in that transferware with the beehive....have never seen that pattern.

  4. What a lovely always... your shades of purple and lavender were so refreshing and unique... thank you so much for the beauty and holiday you shared with us!

    Victoria Silva

  5. Can you give a little information on your beehive plate? Any markings on the back? I love it!


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