Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pretty Poppies and Our Spring Giveaway!!


We all have good days and bad days, and varying degrees of both. And then there are some days that are vividly memorable: I remember a long ago day (about 15 years ago) when Jenny and I bought one of those oversized inflatable pools and went swimming in it the better part of a hot June day when we had to get out to attend a graduation party.  Everything about that swim was perfect... air temperature, water, sunlight. Indeed, everything about those hours are as memorable as if they happened just days ago. I marvel at how something as simple as a rubber pool brought us so much fun and contentment.

  I am sometimes blessed with that experience in my working life.

I love flowers and I love photographing all aspects of lifestyle. On one particular day, I was blessed with copious amounts of Icelandic poppies in the most amazing shades of pink, orange, and yellow.  I love these blooms because the petals are pale and translucent and slightly crinkled like crepe paper.  The center of the bloom is like a sunburst of yellow with the most intricate tiny firework type pistils. 

 Each bloom is unique and special and a miracle in its beautiful and detailed construction.
I like to take the opportunity on these memorable days to really "study" my subjects; and as you will see, these poppies brought me the ability to savor and photograph and enjoy these precious, artful blooms. These days, such flowers make me HAPPY. And as winter gives way to spring, it is this brand of beauty that I need to lift my spirits and give me strength.

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