Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine Cookie Pops...a tutorial!

 I love making something out of very little, and creating a shortcut is always a plus. These heart-shaped cookie pops take only minutes to make and are perfect for school or office gifts, and are lots of fun to make with your kids.

Every season, I scan my local grocery store bakery section for items that can be easily transformed. This year, pink sugared heart-shaped sugar cookies have a great look and I don't have to do any baking. All you will need is lollipop sticks, some cookie icing (you can make your own royal icing), ribbon, cellophane, and sugar icing flowers or stickers.

On a clean dry surface, place each cookie face-down. With royal icing or prepackaged cookie icing, cover the back center of each cookie:
 Add the stick and some more icing and top with second cookie face-up:
 Let the cookies dry for at least one hour until the stick has become set in the icing:
Place a small dot of glue on the lollipop stick and wrap with ribbon:
Cover entire stick and adhere to the end of the pop with a small dot of glue. Glue sugar flower or floral sticker to the lollipop stick.  

Arrange cookies in vase filled with foam or wrap a bundle of cookies in cellophane and tie with ribbon:
 And give some to the one(s) you love!!
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  1. Very cute and easy! I saw the darling cookie pops in the pics from the blog post about your TV appearance...thanks for sharing how you made them.

  2. Thanks for this Matthew, what a wonderful idea!

  3. Adorable...... thank you Matthew!

    Hugs and cookies
    Victoria Silva

  4. Two cookies are always better than one! Yum!

  5. Yes, Matthew - I know you call these "cookie pops" ... but they are really heart cookie SCEPTERS! Something all Valentine royalty deserves - so of course I plan on making some for the li'l princes & princesses in my life. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Yikes, I totally thought you were using glue on those cookies when I first saw the photos! Lol, Very cute project:>)


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