Friday, February 22, 2013

Special Delivery...!

   Who says you need to take the traditional route when displaying a bouquet of flowers? I love that we elevated the status of this old mop bucket with beautiful blooms. You can find more great ways to repurpose, re-use, and recycle in our current issue.

And check out how Jenny and I gave our garage a makeover. We transformed it into an entertaining great room with a few trips to Lowe's and filled it with our favorite vintage pieces and collectibles:


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  1. I adore vintage mop buckets! Saved a painted red one from the trash pile at an auction. It now organizes magazines on my porch.

    Well done Matthew ~ as always!


  2. I love that, must say I've never seen a mop bucket used like this before.

  3. I love your garage make over... simple...chic and as always so stylish... what I love about your design work is that your designs...can fit into any decor... instead of a certain style.

    Thank you and big hugs
    Victoria Silva


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