Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Up until a few years ago I had a pretty even stint in my life and work.
But as a result to changes in the economy and as social media has taken over the way we share and exchange ideas and inspiration, it seems as though life happens at a break-neck speed in lightning soundbites. My industry, in fact,  is changing so quickly, day to day, that the future of printed material vs. digital apps is truly up in the air.  Luckily for me, I fall back on the simple times that I was raised in.  I look for the naturally existing cycles of life:  the seasons, the sunrise, the leaves on the trees, and something as basic as my reflection in a pool of water.  These are the things I can count on...that return to me day to day and that I can rely upon to ground me and love me with their seemingly mundane re-occurrence. For me, it is living this way that I hold on to dearly.  

My new publication, RECYCLED STYLE, is an adaptation of that: 
turning to things I have, or can find easily or for free, and recasting them as something new and useful is so gratifying and reassuring. And I find it comforting, as it subscribes to the theory of "making do" which I think is so important and necessary in a world that is trying to learn to re-value that principal. I am always filled with thoughts and ideas, and those thoughts are free for the taking. I am happily re-inventing my life with each item I re-cast and I am more than happy to share those thoughts with all of you...my friends.

My kitchen (above) makes use of my recast items. A laboratory sink found at a junk shop provides a place to both clean and arrange items like flowers on a stainless steel surface. Cast-off wall brackets and a piece of broken marble become a useful shelf above the sink while a basket below contains trash bags, rags and mop heads. Cake stands and compotes are real favorites of mine. I have a large collection of both that I use for all types of non-food organization like corralling napkins, cleaning products, condiments, and candles.



Matthew Mead's Recycled Style is available for pre-order via Amazon.com and Amazon.ca.


  1. Love your style Matthew! I've been following you for years and years.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Great post Matthew. It definitely is recycle/reinvention time for all of us! And you show us how to do it with style.

  3. Love your style. Question: I'm not able to comment on any of your Facebook posts. There's no button.

    Your fan



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