Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action!

On Monday morning Jenny and I awoke early, loaded the car with a cache of Valentine crafts, and traveled to Newton (just outside Boston) for a taping of our take on inexpensive Valentine gifts. We have done this type of thing in the past for NECN (New England Cable Network) in a live format many times, but this occasion was a taping at a florist shop not far from the television studio. I enjoy a taping much more, as you can easily stop and start your take and you're not rushed as you explain everything you have made, crafted, and where you found it. 
We met the crew at 9:30 am at THE CRIMSON PETAL, led by anchor Leslie Gaydos who has always been supportive of my work and is a crafter herself. They quickly set up their equipment and Jenny and I arranged our work on the impromptu set. The floral shop provided many beautiful botanicals to work with and Jenny fetched water and flowers to bring our recycled vases to life. It was an amazing opportunity to spread the word about how you can recycle items into great gifts for your Valentine. We will have the segment next Monday on our blog, as well as more posts this week about simple but magnificent gifts that you can make yourself for the one you love.

We made cards using printables from our home computer and candy lollipops from Michael's and recycled soup cans are painted in shades of pink to fill with a mix or roses and carnations:

An inexpensive box of chocolates is personalized with gift wrap and double-stick tape, and then tied with a pretty ribbon to make it look like a million:

Cookie pops are made with store bought cookies. Stop back for a step-by-step tutorial on Friday:

Scrapbook paper in graphic patterns can make any old box of candy seem updated:

Lights, camera, action as we get started explaining, discussing and answering all the important questions about how you can MAKE IT at home:

Leslie and I pose for Jenny once the videotaping has ended:

Look for this segment on our site on Monday and check back all week for sweet Valentine ideas.
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  1. How fun to get a "behind the scenes" look at your TV segment! And to get to see a sneak peek at the projects that we will get to hear about in the future.


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