Thursday, February 28, 2013

Changes Everywhere...

With the rise of technology, cut backs, print magazines closing and publishers merging, everything in my world is changing and applying pressure.  I'm struggling to deal with theses changes and I know everyone is. We gave up cable television this past week, so other then a few local stations and three major networks, we are begging  off of reality television. This is probably a silver lining in disguise as I look for more positive ways to spend my time. On the list: I am happily taking on private decorating clients. The work is similar to what I do now except I am not sharing these designs with thousands of readers across the country. I am also doing some event planning (we are overseeing a baby shower this weekend). I am also learning video production so that I can add "how to" segments to my own YouTube channel. 
I am hoping the spring thaw brings with it new challenges, new clients, and a world where boutique publishing is solidified by the lack of text, voice, and point of view on PINTEREST.  Speaking of which, check out our all white Easter boards for some great ideas for the upcoming holiday.  In truth, I'm mourning the way things used to be...probably like the carriage makers did when cars came in and the bank tellers before the dawn of the ATM. I want my book store back, I want to look forward to a monthly magazine, I want to hear the writer's voice when I read, and I want to feel the excitement and anticipation of something imagined yet still unknown. While I truly value social media, I also find myself wondering about not being so connected and "marching to the beat of a different drummer."  I'm overloaded -- looking to be less bombarded, and I want to feel a relief from the pressure of trying to keep up. In the meantime, I am enjoying the release of my new book RECYCLED STYLE and loving every aspect of creating my new book on HALLOWEEN.
Working quietly in the studio - with just my own voice directing - is calming and enjoyable, just as the world outside me whirls around, breaks my focus and makes me realize... I'm struggling.

One thing that is crystal clear to me? The organizing and usefulness of my studio work space and how to make your own with my tips andtricks in my new book RECYCLED STYLE always perks me up. You'll not only be inspired about how to create your own space, but I hope you will take away some tried and true info on how to clean and repair recycled finds. This kind of clarity always gives me such a re-charge, especially when I'm feeling a bit down.


Matthew Mead's Recycled Style is available for pre-order via and


  1. Matthew... This was a very well written post... and your words also resonate with how I feel about all the changes going on in the world right now... and with creativity.

    Being an old-fashioned and homemade kind of woman... I too long for a basic and simple way of life... because that is what my creative spirit yearns for... and needs to express.

    Stay true to yourself Matthew... your beautiful creative work is needed in this world... and is a bright spot in my life and millions of others as well.

    Blessings to you and your family... you have my support.

    Victoria Silva

  2. Time, and "progress" marches on, which is sometimes bittersweet:) I, too appreciate the internet and all that it entails, to a point. When I saw a blurb on "Google Glass" yesterday, I thought~Oh no, are people going to be "connected" 24/7!?! Yikes! It is so nice to bake, get crafty, and have a conversation face-to-face with those we love...hopefully that will never go out of style. I certainly appreciate YOUR style!

  3. Ahhhh.....yes, I too feel the pain of it all. We gave up cable tv as an experiment 6 months ago. DO NOT MISS IT AT ALL. As long as I can watch Downton Abby I am fine. There is life after HGTV.
    What will we do without bookstores? I shudder to think of it.
    I am not certain I like this new world of cyber life...but I guess we will adjust. I enjoy your blog and wish you continued success.

  4. Matthew, my family and I haven't had cable in over 8 years and only get the local channels plus a few major ones for the news. We don't miss a thing. It gives us more time to do more important things. I too love reading and holding my magazines and love getting them monthly in the mail. I hope that never goes away. Love ready your blog and getting many ideas. All the best, Milena.

  5. Hello....I just clicked on your pinterest link and was especially interested in the board Matthew Mead Collection. All the links go to a foreign page that I don't think is what you intended. Just wanted you to know.

    I was a winner of a set of your jelly jars back in December. They've arrived here in VA and I love them! I was clicking on your Pinterest to see how you used them...some great ideas! Thank you again so much!

  6. I feel the same ~ I love holding a book and turning the pages and, after finishing, adding the book to my library. I want to see it there every day and not depend on a computerized book for enjoyment. Now that I see that there is life after cable, I will discuss the possibility of doing away with it with my husband. I love watching PBS on Saturday evenings (Keeping Up Appearances, As Time Goes By & The Vicar of Dibley) on channel 2 & 11. These are the funniest British comedies ~ I sometimes find myself laughing out loud at these characters. Who needs all of those exotic cable channels? Eliminating this bill, would save us a good amount of money every month and we did without it before, we can do without it again. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. A great post, and one that I certainly can relate to, as I believe many people can.

    We've never had cable in our household (ever). People have always found that odd, wondering what we watch and how we keep ourselves entertained. lol We rarely watch network tv. We do watch a few British shows, and we watch movies checked out from the library or rented from the local video store (one of few that's left). The tv is only on for a couple of hours each evening.

    We read a lot. *faint* lol

    I miss the magazines that I used to buy/read, including Country Home (which was by far my favorite).

    I miss bookstores, and although I own a Kindle, it will never replace 'real' books for me. I love books no matter what.

    I miss the good old fashioned video store. We only have two mom and pop places left in my area. The big stores both closed within a year of each other. We don't do Netflix. We don't rent videos out of some machine at the grocery store. We don't want our choices based on whatever selections they offer at the time. We want to browse and pick up something based on how we feel at that moment.

    I do enjoy the internet, but I also feel that it's caused us to forget how to relate in 'real' life. We don't know how to talk to people anymore. Everything is internet, iPhone and iPads (or equivalent). We're connected, but we're disconnected at the same time. When I see couples out in public both texting or talking on their phones while together, or parents on their phone with their children trying desperately to get their attention.....that simply isn't right. How did we become so dependent on social networking and being connected 24/7?

    There are fun things to do via the internet. Blogging and reading other blogs is fun. Pinterest is fun, and I like it (when it's done correctly), but I also feel that it's taken over, and not necessarily in a good way. Google searches these days bring up pages and pages of Pinterest links instead of original urls for things I'm interested in, and I'm a seasoned Googler. lol

    We have to work so much harder these days to keep stress levels lower, to simplify our lives, to keep 'stuff' from infiltrating our homes. It's easy to hit overload unless we learn to control it.

    For me, just stepping out into the world at large can be stressful. Digital billboards sit along the highway, tv's, and music blare in the stores. It doesn't take long for me to want to retreat. lol

    I feel like my grandparents must have, seeing all of the new inventions take hold, while my own generation is watching those same inventions disappear. It's a strange feeling.

    I enjoy your blog. Thanks for it. And thanks for this post. :-)


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