Monday, December 10, 2012

Good and White...a white Christmas!

 I love experimenting with different color palettes for Christmas and who better to turn to for such inspiration than designer Tricia Foley? Tricia is a master at decorating with white and has made using it in a layered, thoughtful, and unique way her veritable trademark. If you are turning to this quiet, wintry palette for your holiday decorating then head on over to the Goodsmiths blog, The Good Weekly, where I am guest posting about this very topic.
Please join me!
Matthew Mead Holiday is available for order via and


  1. I love seeing my little shed looking so beautiful with all your white decorative touches! Looking forward to a white christmas here soon! Trish

  2. I've loved Tricia's work since the early days of Victoria and enjoyed her books as well. Fun!


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