Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Countdown to Thanksgiving...Get the table ready!

 While the turkey is roasting and its mouth-watering scent fills the air, take a quiet moment to set the table ahead of time with simple but thoughtful touches, like these charming pitcher place cards which you can download from my website here. For an easy table favor, fill cheesecloth sacks with pistachios; tie them with string and add a sweet apple-shaped tag. Light some candles and set out the flatware and glasses. And then pat yourself on the back for your efforts.
It is my hope that each of our Thanksgiving celebrations allows us to truly  enjoy our guests, the delicious meal, and the opportunity to share and acknowledge our blessings. 
And for Jenny and I, our blessings include you, our readers. We thank YOU for your support, feedback, and kind words as we work to share our creative ideas and inspiration for each and every season.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Matthew Mead Holiday is available for order via and


  1. love your ideas & creativity! you help us make our holiday memories beautiful!

    happy thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and your staff as well.

  3. What simple yet elegant ideas. Love them. Came across article on you in Where Woman Create. Decided to find you online.


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