Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Enchanted Spheres...

 One of the most popular craft projects from our Halloween 2012 issue has been the masked sphere featured in the Enchanted Possessions story. In turn, we have had a few questions from readers who have found it a bit tricky getting their sphere just right. Because we strive to feature crafts and projects that are easy to recreate, we hope these additional directions will help out those who wish to make our "enchanted" spheres.

1. First, be sure the paper you are working with is sturdy, like card stock. You will find the templates by following this link and make your own sphere by following the directions below:


Tips to make things easier:

 1. Be sure the hook of each end is cut deep enough to grab hold.

2. Ensure that all the pieces are going in the same direction.

3. See the top image, which will help explain the hook part.

4. When you get one end finished, lay it on a table with the inside facing up and use a piece of tape to assist holding them in place.
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