Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hello Harvest!

It's that time of year again. Summer is not officially over, of course, but somehow Autumn has begun to make its presence known. That unmistakable nip in the night air  has returned and even the daytime air seems fresher. Students are heading back to school and that morning drive to work is punctuated with bright yellow school buses. As schedules fill up with extra-curricular activities and homework, busy parents rush to make a dinner that will satisfy appetites and adapt to everyone's schedules.

Something Jenny and I often set time aside for when our girls were young was some Sunday afternoon cooking sessions where we would make meals that could be frozen and heated up on nights when it was impossible to all gather around the dinner table at once. Harvest time afforded us our pick of the freshest vegetables and one of our favorite recipes to make was Chicken Pot Pie.

Other seasonal favorites we would make ahead that are perfect for fall include Parker House rolls -- that we would serve with a tasty soup -- and delicious Corn Pudding. 

 The trick to really great Parker House rolls is a bit of coarse sea salt sprinkled on top just as they come out of the oven and whipped maple butter. Bread in any form is a labor of love worth the results.
 Corn pudding would be perfect for a farm stand dinner made using all the fresh corn you can pick. 
The web has a plethora of great recipes for both, so have fun searching out new recipes or use a family recipe that is tried and true.



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