Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A new back-to-school tradition and the countdown to Autumn!

 While some have already helped their children board their buses back to school or packed up their freshman amidst tears mingled with pride, others have a few more evenings before the routine of "school nights" and busy schedules takes hold of their families.

When I was growing up, our neighbors would host special movie nights in their backyard and it was a highlight for me and my friends. These happy memories helped inspire the "scary" movie night in our HALLOWEEN 2012 issue. Filled with ideas for fun, easy snacks (based on a "Revenge of the Monster Tomatoes" theme) and even buckets of homemade slime, our movie night recipe will work for any special occasion. And what better to celebrate than the return of a new, fun school year? Gather friends and neighbors, some warm blankets to ward off any evening chill, pop some popcorn and make some treats, and fire up an "Old World" projector or new-fangled digital device for a screening of your favorite family-friendly movie. It's a perfect way to bid adieu to the lazy days of summer and welcome the splendors of Autumn and the holidays it brings.

Oh, and then do it all over again when Halloween hits!


Halloween with Matthew Mead is available for order via Amazon.com and Amazon.ca.


  1. I love this idea! I grew up practically in a movie theater. My Dad was a projectionist. Popcorn is my favorite comfort food~ We use to do this, too! There is magic in those movies surrounded by memories and a few monsters, lol.
    Love this photo!

  2. My oldest son's birthday is in October and we've previously watched a Halloween movie outside as part of the celebration. I love the idea of narrowing the theme specifically to the "scary" tomato movies. I'll be borrowing this idea come October and will hopefully have good pics to post on my blog.


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