Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my Mom's birthday.  Not only am I glad to spend the day with her and my Dad (and Jenny, too!), but I am so proud to have the opportunity to celebrate her and the great gift that she has given me... MY IMAGINATION.  She not only encouraged me as a child to do typical things, but she also instilled in me a sense of wonder and supported my curiosity.  She let each of us--my sister, my brother and myself--all take turns in the kitchen. She encouraged us to build forts in both the woods behind our house and using the couch cushions in the living room. She allowed me to pick paint colors for the walls and helped me buy my first sofa at 17.  She inspired me with outings to museums and historical sites when other kids were at the lake.  She took me to author lectures, art films, the opera, and so much more. She allowed a full-on carnival to happen in the back yard when I was eleven and helped me with a miniature parade I planned for our neighborhood for the bicentennial.  There was no end to the excursions, sewing projects, gardening endeavors, theatrical productions, crazy ideas and schemes that I cooked up and she helped me out with. When I first experimented with drying wild flowers to weave into decorative wreaths, it was she who plodded through fields infested with snakes to pluck just the right blossoms. My mom has encouraged, supported, indulged, and loved me through every minute of my career. She has made me feel like I could do anything and still does. 

Thanks, Mom. 
Have a splendid birthday and thank you for spending it with me...!

My mom, Marie Mead at a recent gathering.  She has given me the love and support to chase my dreams and make them a reality.  



  1. Matthew, what a wonderful post celebrating your Mother.

  2. Well, I have tears in my eyes....I'm sure she does too!! Have a wonderful day together....doing anything special or just hanging out? Whatever you do, I'm sure she's over the moon that you're spending it together. Happy birthday "did good" with that son of yours!!

  3. Happy Birthday Marie! You must be proud of your wonderful son! Sally

  4. Matthew, you've already given your mom the best gift she could ask for, but I'd like to add my (belated) birthday wishes. What a marvelous mom she is, and what a fantastic childhood she gave you and your sibs. Rock on, Marie, and here's to many more!!!

  5. I miss my mother terribly. She also let me do a lot of those fun things when I was a kid. I credit her for my imagination and sense of wonder as you credit your mom—I so understand that appreciation you have for her. Love your mom with all your heart—it's apparent that you do—let her know every chance you get. When my mother said to me on her deathbed "You'll never know how much I love you", I said "I do know, mother—you taught me how to love." She didn't hesitate in giving it right back to me by saying "you taught me how to love." I never will forget that moment—it was so unexpected. It blew me away and uplifts me every day.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday, Matthew's Mom!!!

  7. This was beautiful Matthew! We all should have a Mom, like yours~
    Happy Belated Birthday wishes Marie!
    I do have a Mom like that and I'm trying to instill, the magic of creating with my children. WE are going to have a Blue Moon party!


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