Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Under the Big Top...

A vintage show like Remnants of the Past (in San Luis Obispo, CA on June 2 & 3, 2012: Sat. 9am-5pm, Sun. 9am-3pm) is literally THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH.  

And why is that? 
 Because it has the best vendors, the widest selection of merchandise, display ideas, and dealers that you can truly get to know and who get to know you and what you are looking for.

Collecting is a treasure hunt and there is certainly a "thrill" that goes with all of it.  Imagine the opportunity to visit booth after booth of beautiful, vintage items of the things you have been looking for.  I am a ravenous collector and am always on the hunt to add to my items. 

 Ironstone, alabaster, botanical prints and paintings don't even graze the top of what I like to gather.  And the funny thing is, a show like Remnants might just inspire something new to collect!
Dealers usually offer a treasure trove of display ideas and second uses for items -- so many fresh ways with objects and clever options for recycling items into something new and different.  This year, I am on the search for wonderful items made of wire. Not only are these items decorative and sculptural, they are light-weight and will be easy for me to ship back to my studio in New Hampshire.  

I particularly love industrial wire pieces that may have held packages of soap or comic books.  I will also be in search of matte green pottery from the 30's and 40's, and also miniature garden urns which I use this time of year for plantings and containers for entertaining. 

Old paper and vintage prints are always at the top of my list, and I will search for items that are not typically Halloween-oriented but can be used in ways that seem dark and moody.  
 Actually, I can hardly sleep for thinking of all the new and wonderful things that will not only grow my collection but will inspire me with fresh ideas for books and magazine projects to come.

Take some time and come to the show, and try to pop by and see me at my book signing... it is going to be a truly memorable event.

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  1. Wish I could be there. It sounds fabulous!!!!

  2. Well you got me excited about going! And I have been a vendor and have attended everyone. You are going to love the show and all the great vendors! Love to stop by and say hello.Megan Sempek

  3. I wish I could be one of the kindred spirits there. Nice post Matthew. You have to let me borrow that tree made up of blue glasswear in a cabinet for my blog! NICE!


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