Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This, That, and the Other...

 I wish I could say I am at a place in my life where issues and drama have zero impact.  I am grateful to keep it all to a minimum, but it seems there are still people who filter in and out of your life to bring you challenges and lessons that still need to be learned. When you're a "lover" not a "fighter," it always comes as a surprise when others strongly put their needs in your path. It is hard not to react to confrontation and even harder to find the good in those who so blatantly trying to "rain on your parade." But in my growth, I have discovered that you must put immediate feelings aside, and let it all "sit" quietly, and refocus your efforts  (my approach) by jumping into creating something special, beautiful, and authentic to who you are and why you are here on this planet. And when counting my blessings, I am so RICHLY blessed and eternally grateful to have my work, passion, imagination and opportunity.  And that I really, really love it all.

I have so enjoyed  the recent book signings I've been doing: meeting readers, dealers, and vintage enthusiasts, and hearing what they love and what they've planned for their own endeavors.  I love discussing the market place, styles, colors and everything that goes into creating all the dealer spaces at each and every shop.  I mostly love the spirit that exists, the passion for collecting, and design that continues to grow and evolve. I revel in these new relationships and participating in fresh opportunities with all these new connections.

Which brings me to my recent decision to work with my local SPCA, raising money for the shelter and aiding in the medical expenses for lost and stray animals. You will be hearing more about my involvement with some fun events in the coming months, and I am anxious to hear from
all of you and your favorite pet stories. 

 My Yorkie, Oscar.

I thoroughly enjoy reading all of your comments and hearing from each and every one of you. Your thoughts make my day and keep my creativity flowing. We are currently working on HALLOWEEN for a late August release, and it is filled with fresh color ways and amazing decorating ideas.

 Flea Market Finds with Matthew Mead is available for order via Amazon.com and Amazon.ca .



  1. Oh Matthew...such a kind heart you have.
    Living on a farm, we are host to a family of animals...and every now & again a lost critter finds our barn. So it was with a cat we came to know as Faith. We are sure he was once a domestic cat, turned out or lost. When he arrived at our place, his fur was so covered in burs, he was pulling it out. He followed all our barn cats around the farm, and grew to trust us for food, shelter & eventually our touch. We were finally able to live trap him and get him to our local Humane Society for care. The last word from them was that he indeed had arrived at the Emerald City for a clean up & care and would soon find a loving family.
    It is our responsibility to do right by animals...it shows the measure of who we are.

  2. What a lovely gift to have you support the SPCA..last year in 20 days we donated all the lost and stray golfballs that we have collected on our golf course.( and quite a few in our yard)..we put up an honor Box with a sign that said "$4.00 a dozen..donation to the SPCA..we raised $465.00.. Everybit helps..this year my husbands golfing friends have brought over all their finds..so far we have washed, cleaned and bagged 120 dozen balls ready for an earlier start to the season...wish us luck..❤

  3. I am new to your site but do know your work..I have just about every one of your books and can't begin to tell ya how much I love them..I truly enjoy your blog A LOT..Have a wonderful week..

  4. What a wonderful idea! I always say if people could be more like dogs the world would be a better place. They love unconditionally, they do not judge, they are quick to forgive and forget, and they are not afraid to show their enthusiasm for the simple pleasures in life. We have three of the most precious Miniature Schnauzers that were ever placed on this earth. I call them angels in fur! = ) Parker, Peyton, and Paycee (the Ps x 3) are the joy of our lives. Thank you for supporting such a worthy cause. Keep up the wonderful work that you are doing!


  5. I finally ordered your book last week and I was so tempted to pay extra so I wouldn't have to wait for it but my frugal mind got the best of me! It should arrive on Monday and I am so excited.


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