Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Change...and sharing comfort in little ways.

I've been doing some cooking for friends lately. It seems as though life is in transition and it is truly the easiest way I know to express my love for the people in my life.  Change is upon us and sometimes it has a more profound effect that one might think.  My assistant of nearly 15 years is moving on to new challenges.  We will miss her contribution... her talent, spirit, fun and laughs in both good times and bad.  It will be different for all of us and there will be challenges, but our team wishes her the very best, with exciting new opportunities and fun, new experiences.  I will cook for her on Friday to help celebrate her new adventures.  
Yesterday afternoon, my other assistant received a tragic phone call: the beautiful, old Victorian apartment house that was built in the late 1800's and always occupied by her family (and willed to her three years ago) was fully engulfed in flames.  Jenny and I watched in horror on our computer as she raced more than 30 minutes to the location to stand on the sidewalk, overcome with her "worst nightmare ever," watching her father's legacy burn to ruin.  The days ahead will be trying for her and her husband, and as I write this, Jenny and I have just dropped two freshly made casseroles on her porch so that at least food will not be a thought over the next few days. 
 Blessings are often years in the making and may not be seen as such until we can deal with our emotions and drop any sense of blame.  As I get older, circumstances seem to morph into acceptable situations that appear to be the way things "ought" to be.  It will be a while until things smooth out again, and we are all able to see the blessings in these changes.  Until they do, you will find me coping in the kitchen -- behind the stove, with Jenny and her sharp knives peeling, cutting, and chopping. 

Luckily, I just bought a new roll of stretch tight plastic wrap and and I am ready to cook and wrap my way through anything... bring it on!

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  1. Change is not always easy, especially when it comes in the form of an unexpected tragedy. Your co-workers are lucky to have such a caring friend as you in their circle of friends.

  2. Change & tragedy ....met with the grace of a good friend. Matthew your kindness will be deeply appreciated.

  3. Change is not always easily accepted or wanted, especially during tragic circumstances, but with support from people like you, they are in good hands.

    Wishing each of you more calm times. Food has a way of comforting the soul ♥

  4. Change brings out our better angels.


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