Monday, April 16, 2012

A Spring luncheon...with Ben Ashby of Folk Magazine.

On Friday we hosted Ben Ashby, Editor and Founder of FOLK magazine.  
 It was bright and sunny outside and over a spring time lunch we prepared in his honor, we all enjoyed hearing about how Ben has launched his magazine and how he works with his writers from all over the country.
Ben's magazine has soul... and that is something that really doesn't exist very much on the printed page anymore. I would say FOLK Magazine is for all the fans of the original Country Living Magazine who long for the ideas and images of what real country life is all about.
 We like to roll out the red carpet for guests, and I thought I would share a glimpse of the food we served during our lunch meeting:
Forsythia from home is a thrifty way to make a bold floral statement.

Old blue glass pieces hold masses of pansy blossoms.  Our white round dining table is covered in sheets of parchment paper.
Favorite ironstone pieces hold a mix of fresh berries, soup and salad.
A heafty stack of milk glass plates (I use the same plates for lunch and dessert).
A vintage lab beaker ices cold and colorful bottled drinks.

Buttery brioche rolls are the perfect foil for fresh seafood salad.
Chocolate tea cake is sweetened only with maple syrup and served with fresh whipped cream spiked with orange zest and juice... insanely delicious.  

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  1. Everything looks great!

    Enjoy this beautiful weather.

    1. I am working on publishing both the coconut cake and the chocolate tea cake on the blog in the coming weeks... and the orange whipped cream is a dream. MATTHEW

    2. I think everything looks great too! It seems that berries are always a special way to have color and add to the spring/summer feeling!


  2. so lovely !!! any chance we could have the recipe for that cake? :D

  3. So glad to see you supporting "Folk". I love this magazine. You are so right......the "original" Country Living magazine. I miss the original.

  4. Oh what a wonderful magazine Folk is!
    So glad to see it featured here!
    Your luncheon looks wonderful...
    This yummy meal & creative decor would make any guest feel special

  5. Matthew, I had no doubt that you and Jenny would host Ben in style... this is GORGEOUS! I know he appreciated it and enjoyed his time with you both. And that compliment about FOLK being like the original Country Living, well, that's one for the ages. Our staff works hard to create a magazine that really does 'Share the American Story' and it's nice to get that kind of feedback. Bless you for being such a generous man! <3

    Deb Kennedy . FOLK Magazine staff member


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