Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter at the Meads...

Every celebration entails a bit of work, but I always enjoy gathering my family around a beautiful table to experience all the joys of the holiday. Easter this year was celebrated on our front porch with a handful of family members.  The space if light-filled and beautiful.
To set the scene, we gathered daffodils and forsythia from the yard and purchased flats of pansies from the garden center. Yellow and pink were the theme and we used mid-century pink and yellow dishware from Iroquois Pottery.  Yellow akro agate plant pots were filled with pansies in both pink and yellow.

Michelle and Jenny pondered how to cut the cake, (above).
 Jenny's Dad and our older daughter Michelle enjoyed every bit of the day, and my mother always brings Oscar to the table. Jenny's Easter basket featured a vintage candy box filled with spring socks.
My homemade coconut cake was made with pastry cream icing flavored with light coconut milk from the Thai food section of the grocery store. It is a family favorite and the crowning glory of the meal!
We sent everyone home with left-overs but saved a few pieces of the coconut cake for later.

Did you make a special Easter dessert?

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  1. I would love to have the receipe for that beautiful cake!

  2. I second Debra's lovely.
    And the cake looks yummy.

  3. :O I used pink and yellow vintage Boontonware at our lake cabin for Easter. I really did!!! I feel like for once I got something right!!!! Yay, me!!! Seriously, I posted photos of them with Easter egg cupcakes on my blog. This has so made my day.

    .....and of course I think your table, cake, decor, and lovely family look great, too!!! :D

    Ricki Jill

  4. Sweet and lovely. Love how the pink lemonade blended with the decor!! I hope to plant a few pansies this trip...they still aren't available up here yet. What nursery/garden center did you buy them from?

    1. I agree about the punch bowl not only matching the decor, but also looking so good and tasty!


  5. A beautiful day ~~~ celebrating Easter in style!
    Lovely details Matthew

    Thank you for sharing,

    Kay Ellen

  6. Dear Matthew & Jennifer,

    I would also love the recipe for that cake! :)


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