Thursday, March 1, 2012

Timeless and Relevant...

Country Home was my home for twelve years, and while there I produced many, many covers.  While I still miss my role at this memorable mag, I still marvel at the relevance, simplicity and beauty of the content there.  

The above cover shot was photographed in a brightly renovated chicken coop at Executive Editor Sandy Soria's Iowa farm. I got the call the week before Thanksgiving and found myself immediately on a plane to Des Moines with a return ticket on Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving and the busiest airline travel day of the year!).  It was last minute for sure, and Jenny and I were planning to host both of our families for a turkey dinner at our studio. Jenny is the youngest of nine children, with lots of nieces and nephews and extended family.  I think we had close to 65 people for dinner which was a  real challenge, but with rental chairs and tables we were all able to sit together.  

With me in Des Moines, Jenny carried out the preparations while I literally made "a bed" for the Country Home cover shoot.  A bed was borrowed from the decorating editor's house. Bedding was called in from retailers nation wide including Garnett Hill, Pinecone Hill, and Company C.  I visited local design stores in Des Moines to find some lamps and a few accessories, and then - with an iron in hand and some packing tape - I steamed, pulled, tugged and taped to create this cozy and enviable getaway.  It ended up being a top-selling cover and I felt complimented when a giant version of the picture was hung at the home office.  What I love are not only the colors in this image, but also (and most importantly) the fact that it still looks inviting and current even though it was produced and photographed over 8 years ago.

How's that for enduring style?


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  1. Pure joy that showcases you amazing talents! I still miss that magazine...I have stacks of them in my closet! xoxox Thanks my friend.

  2. Your style never goes out of style! I'm kind of surprised that the magazine would give you an assignment like that without reasonable lead time. Must have been especially difficult for Jenny, what with all her relatives coming for Thanksgiving dinner at the studio. Bet you pulled an all nighter that Wednesday!! Yes, I still have my magazines in boxes and baskets right nearby....flip thru them frequently - old friends!

  3. Amazing that was taken so many years ago. I love it. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. Can't seem to find one around here and will have to rive 45 minutes to get one. Country Home was my favorite every magazine and I was so sad when it stopped. IS it true it may be coming back sometime?
    Great job and great job Jenny for pulling off Thanksgiving with so many people. I bet it was a wonderful day.

  4. Congrats, Mr.Mead! You did a fab job... fun to hear more of your background, too :)

  5. COuntry Home was one of my favorites and a sad day when they stopped publishing it! So much better then Country Living... Love this cover!!! I wish they would bring the magazine back! OLM

  6. I must say I have missed Country Home every month since it left the bookstore & grocery counter shelves!
    Lucky for us we don't have to miss out on one of its best...your great work continues to inspire me!
    Funny thing i am working on a job & the colours are very similar to these in this very pretty room!
    Great thanksgiving story ...I bet your whole family was thrilled to come to one of your home parties!

  7. Oh how I miss Country Home. :( :( I still flip through the issues that I own, and I agree... it's still current. Amazing!

  8. I always got so excited when Country Home was in my mailbox! It was my #1 favorite. They just have to start printing it again!


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