Friday, March 16, 2012

Think Outside of the Box!

Many times I feel that if I bring something into my home or studio, it must have a functional use beyond its intended purpose. I found these old balsa berry boxes for a bit of small change at the flea market and decided to rework them as a display on my desk. I leaned most of the boxes against the wall with the well side facing out. I have filled each compartment with items that currently inspire me, like old letters, postcards, a faux wood pitcher, and roll of gold twine. Some of the boxes I've actually faced bottom side out. I've used oversized stamps to mark the bottoms,  to create added visual interest.  The ink adheres nicely to the dry surface of the balsa.

What I really enjoy about this simple assembly project is that I can add or change things according to my whims or the seasons, which makes for a very versatile display.


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  1. What a great idea and they are light enough that you could probably glue them together and hang the display from a wall.

  2. love inspiration that is portable & delightful!

  3. this is a wonderful idea. thinking of a way to interpret it for our home!

  4. I bought some of these little containers at a flea market last year and just found them again in my cupboard! What a fun surprise. Now I can "do" something with them too!


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