Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reel Scary: Tomato Cake-Pop faces

Reel Scary (Cake Pop faces, page 108) 

Lisa Fantasia, owner of Wicked Unique Cakes and Treats in North Sutton, NH, designed and created the spooky tomato faces that decorates the tomatoes and cake pops in this story. Find Lisa and more of her creative ideas at her Facebook page.

You Will Need:

assorted chocolate/candy wafers: red, green, light green, black, and yellow
glass melting cups (we used tiny ball jars)
 scissors (small)
small parchment bags 
 tomato face template (found here)
waxed paper
 cardboard (or back of a cookie sheet) 
microwave knife (to mix and scrape the chocolate into the bag)

 **Make cake pops according to this basic recipe.

Cake pop decorating instructions:

1. For the cake pop holder, use floral oasis , the softer kind that you can stick the pops right into so they will stay upright, and place small pieces of wax paper around the base of the pops to catch any chocolate that may drip while they are setting up. For the tomato cake pops, use red chocolate wafers - melted at thirty percent in the microwave - and dip the cake pops into the melted wafers, ensuring even coverage. 

2. To make the candy wafer decorations, tape wax paper to rectangle cardboard (the kind you would use to stabilize a cake box) For the green "hair," melt an equal amount of green and light green wafers together and mix. Fill a small parchment bag with the melted wafers. Following the shape of the hair guide on the template  (or do it  free-hand) pipe the hair shapes onto the wax paper. When dry and ready to decorate the cake pops, peel the hair shapes away from the wax paper.

3. Using the template as a guide, create the stem "hats," mouths and eyes. On a sheet of waxed paper, use black chocolate to outline (like a comic drawing) the shapes and fill in with the appropriate colors (like white teeth, yellow and black eyes, etc.). Follow the same procedure described in Step 1 for melting the wafers and piping the chocolate onto the wax paper (step 2)

**To achieve the bent look of the tomato stem hats, use half of a paper towel cardboard tube (cut length wise) and line it with waxed paper before piping on the stem hats.

4. To attach the decorated props to the Tomato cake pops, use the appropriate color chocolate as "glue" (like red to put on mouth, green to put on "hair" and "stem hats") and allow the template to guide the placement of each candy melt adornment.

**If not making cake pops, you can use the candy wafer decorations to attach to real tomatoes, or even create the decorations using our template and scrapbook paper.

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