Monday, March 5, 2012

Forcing Branches...and Spring!

The idea of pushing spring into arriving is kind of a fun one, especially when late winter storms keep the skies gray and the grass covered in a dirty blanket of snow.  We have a spring story in Flea Market Finds which celebrates the use of cut apple and cherry blossoms for entertaining. 

I like to cut branches and place them in old metal sap cans or pails. The flowers are a surprising burst of color against the silvery blue of vintage galvanized metal, and you can find these old utility items very inexpensively at the flea market.

Once the flowers have popped, I like to cut small sprigs of blooms to place in glass jelly jars and decorate a dining table, or place throughout the house to deliver spring from room to room.

To force branches, cut the branches just below the nub of new growth. On a hard wooden surface like a cutting board, smash the stem (about 2 inches of it) and place the branch directly into tepid water.  Add new water each day, and within a week leaves and flowers will burst open.


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