Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Trip Down Memory Lane...

Creating Country Home covers could sometimes be a real adventure.  This cover took us to the Berkshires in Massachusetts (not far from where Jenny grew up).  The location was a spectacular hilltop home built in the 1940's in a very Frank Lloyd Wright style.  The occupant was an elderly woman, nearly 100 years old, who had worked this property for over forty years creating the spectacular border gardens on the grounds. She was also a very gifted potter and a collector of beautiful art.

We arrived for this shoot in late June, amidst a torrential downpour and thunderstorm. We styled several lifestyle dining sets on the property and brought a car-load of props, including pillows, plants, pottery and more. We especially enjoyed finding the strawberries at a local co-op; they were the old-fashioned wild variety that looked deliciously appealing in the wooden berry basket I had found along the way. Carol Sheehan, Country Home Editor-in-Chief, drove over from her home in Ashfield, MA, to act as an observer (we sent the berries home with her for shortcake for her arriving weekend guests).  What I enjoyed most about this shoot is that we worked in the early mornings (and between the rain showers!), which gave Jenny and I the chance to spend some fun time together.  She was able to share some things from her childhood and we were able to explore local stores and restaurants. Among my favorites: Pine Cone Hill outlet store, Baba Lou's pizza, Hammertown, and the Metro Market. It was the perfect mix of work and play!

What makes a magazine cover appealing to you?


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  1. If a magazine cover has a lot of eye candy that might interest me ~ I'll pick it up and kinda page through it, but it's contents is what really gets me to buy. Country Home was one of the best country magazines out there ~ it was so sad to see it be discontinued. Recently I picked up the collectors edition ~ when I saw it at the checkout counter my heart skipped a beat ~ I didn't even page through it ~ I knew it was going to be good!!!
    Thanks for taking us on a trip down memory lane!!!
    Prim Blessings

  2. I so enjoy hearing the stories behind these cover shots, such a rare & special look behind the scenes.
    Thank you, Matthew, for taking us "with you".

  3. I think that I still have this issue! So many that I to keep and it was usually the cover that made it so. I am enjoying this bit of a trip back to the old covers- thank you

  4. I miss the Country Home magazine. I hoard my magazines, and still have this one. I cried when I heard it, along with ME Home Companion, and the Victoria magazines were all going out of print. While my husband doesn't understand the need to keep them, I'm sure glad I did. One of these days you might see me on the show Hoarders, amidst ceiling-high stacks of magazines.

    An eye-catching cover (like the one above) is what gets me to look, and then I only buy if I see articles that are useful and/or inspiring.

  5. I loved Country Home magazine so much! I really miss it and I was so sad to see it go. I still have all of my old issues and really enjoy looking back at them. I remember this cover and it is nice to hear the story behind it. I sure wish they would bring Country Home back.


  6. lovely post...I also save my magazines...
    I find that everything old is new again...
    the decorating basics never really change...
    you just have to find your "niche"...

    Linda :o)

  7. I have to say this cover was one of my favorites of Country Home covers and that is hard to say because they were all beautiful.

  8. What makes a magazine cover appealing to me is when I can envision myself in the setting. I let my mind wonder around my mind created virtual setting and just breath a sigh and.....wish I were there. That is what makes me buy the magazine and then venture in to it's contents.

  9. I went to Barnes and Noble looking for the Spring Issue you had posted about. I looked all over and couldn't find it. Before I asked an employee I thought that maybe it was a past issue.....am I right. I feel a little silly looking for it.....I had looked a couple weeks before that.

    1. Hi Debby,
      The magazine is not yet released (but soon!) and you can preorder it here: http://www.amazon.com/Flea-Market-Finds-Matthew-Mead/dp/1603209182

      Hope that helps!

  10. The magazine covers that attract me are vibrant colors and eye-catching photos. I miss Country Home magazine, too. It was quiet, serene, beautifully laid out and great content. I have old issues, too, that I hang onto.

  11. Fittingly, I bought a bundle of Country Home magazines at a flea market a few years ago. I think the fact that they are saved and valued speaks to their enduring style and charm. And this issue was the one that made the sale for me. I remember gazing at the cover, entranced by the colors, the quirky furniture, the coolness of the stone. Like you, Carla, imagining myself there. I almost didn't want to open the issue, afraid that the contents wouldn't live up to that cover. I wasn't disappointed.


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