Monday, February 20, 2012

When the weather outside is frightful...our recipe of the day!

Although in some areas, it has been an atypically mild winter, we are definitely not finished with the white stuff. Whether you have the weather for wintry pursuits like sledding or not this season, take the time to make a really delicious mug of hot chocolate. I favor a recipe made using dark chocolate M&Ms.  I like to include lots of toppings like malted milk balls, mini chocolate chips and, of course, marshmallows and homemade whipped cream.

How do you like your hot chocolate? 
Authentic, bittersweet cocoa made with hot milk, or the instant variety? 
What about the toppings?

For a unique twist on tradition, try this delicious recipe for Chocolate Doughnut Hot Chocolate!


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  1. Did someone say chocolate? This recipe sounds delicious--thanks for sharing!

  2. Okay.....I will take a look at it, but I think I gained five pounds just reading "Chocolate Doughnut Hot Chocolate!" But it truly sounds irresistible!

    I like Mexican Hot Chocolate with a little hot pepper! :D That will warm you up!!!

    Ricki Jill

  3. :D I bookmarked it for my girls. I am on a gluten free diet, but I think it would be a fun (and easy) treat for them during this cold snap we are having.


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