Friday, February 24, 2012

When life hands you lemons...

 ...Do something with them! :-)

Lemons are a real spring flavor for me.  Mini lemon pies are as easy as filling a pie crust with your very favorite lemon curd.  Make a dozen to give as gifts, or take on an impromptu picnic.  

A wreath of fresh lemons won't last very long, but a wreath of Lemon Warhead candies will. 
Cover a foam wreath with ribbon and hot glue candy directly onto it.  Tie with a lush ribbon in a citron color and embellish with a hyacinth bloom. Keep out of the elements for the longest life.

Citrusy sweetness!


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  1. Adore the yellow...makes me think spring, spring, spring!

  2. What an AH-dorable wreath!!! I could *so* make baby lemon pies with my new pie press...I could stuff them with lemon curd. Great idea!!!

  3. this sunny lemon post is just perfect!!!


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