Monday, January 16, 2012

To Provo we go!!

 This week, the production of our Flea Market Finds issue comes to a close.  In fact, most of the pages have already reached the pre-press stage and have been sent off to the printer for color correction and re-touching. This is our 5th issue in the HOLIDAY series, and with my current design and writing team, I can't say enough how much the whole process feels like meeting an "old friend." 

This group is the most perfect fit: design and writing all unfold with such ease (sometimes in one day!) and I can't believe how fun the exchanges and conversations are amongst us. Sure, we answer questions about details and fill in nitty- gritty concerns about sources, but often we exchange pleasantries about our days, how the kids are all doing, and what is on the menu for dinner. It is a dream... no, a real gift that makes my heart calm and happy.

Jenny and I fly out early this week to produce and photograph the last story for the issue, which will be turned around immediately.  It is a very special story that we have cooked up with Stephanie Nielson of The NieNie Dialogues  and has taken many weeks of planning and preparation. The last few weeks have been spent painting and papering and packing a special project. Selecting colors and fabrics and just the right props.  Last week a main feature was wrapped, placed on a pallet, and crated with plywood and 2 x 4"s.  The Fed Ex freight truck arrived and with just one driver and my studio team we helped load this creation onto a truck to be trekked across country to Stephanie's home in Provo, Utah.  Below are some of the images that went with getting this project on the road:

Our special project gets crated and barely fits out our delivery door!  The item is put on a lift and strapped in for its long trek across the country. Jenny and I will meet up with it on Wednesday. 

Jenny and I will cover much of the process over the next few days to share on the blog as we get closer to publication date. We are so excited about this project and the chance to work with Stephanie again. Fingers crossed for safe travel and a smooth shoot, and we will keep you posted!


Flea Market Finds with Matthew Mead will be on newsstands in April throughout North America and as an expanded 160-page bookazine via


  1. I hope everything goes well for the shoot! I look forward to reading updates. But I am really looking forward to Flea Market Finds!!! :D

    Ricki Jill

  2. Please stop by my house when you are in Provo. Too bad Star Mill in American Fork is closed until March you would love it. There is an antique mall in Springville. I'm sure you would find some things to add to your collection there. Anyway, have a safe and wonderful trip...and if you find yourself with a few minutes to spare, drop by...

  3. me quite curious! The building you re taking the box from looks like the summer kitchen of our farm house.
    ****can't wait****


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