Monday, January 30, 2012

The Nursery Shoot...with NieNie and family!

Stephanie and five-year-old Nicholas get to spend their days together and make fun out of common household chores and errands. As they departed for the children's school in the afternoon Stephanie exclaimed, "Let's go get our kids!"

 There are some places in life that exceed your imagination.  For me, Nantucket island, off of Massachusetts, is one of them.  In fact, Jenny and I have fond memories of vacationing there for many, many summers.  Our work also takes us to many fun locations, and we both agree that visiting NieNie is also on that very list.  Like her other readers, following along with her blog as she shares her family life is such a special experience, so for us, actually going and being in her home was somewhat like jumping into the pages of a magical storybook.
 (An Etsy vendor, who specializes in vintage finds, packed up a special nursery prop in brown paper and string.... bound to become a favorite treasure.)

We went to Utah last spring to photography Stephanie and her sisters for a special location shoot, but we didn't have a chance to see her house. This time, our focus was working on her nursery, and so it was all about visiting and being immersed in her life.  What a joy: all the objects, sights, sounds, decor and people from her blog were right there in living color. It, in fact, is a home of color and design, with lots of laughter and a revolving door of friendly faces (both family and community).  

 Our rental car ferried our equipment, tripod, and specialty baby bedding (in a simple and natural ecru color palette).
 Fed ex packages from our studio and specialty vendors piled up at the door like it was Christmas.

When we arrived, the Nielson home was festooned for Valentine's Day. Stephanie told me that her true joy is crafting and decorating for her family and making all the seasonal days special and memorable for her children. I loved all of Stephanie's design choices: the furnishings, graphic rugs, beautiful artwork, and the very special details which are now so NieNie branded. I marvelled at how thoughtfully edited everything is and how it all works, regardless of having four little ones around. But as Stephanie explained, the children take such joy from their surroundings and thus have a natural respect for everything. 

 Paper Valentine decorations made the house festive, youthful and full of fun.

 Indeed, there were dozens and dozens of Valentine's Day decorations around, so much happy energy, and even heart-shaped cookies under a glass dome. It is a charming family home, one that is now ready to host a new little Nielson in a new, pretty nursery! 


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  1. can't wait to see it, i'm sure it will be utterly charming. stephanie and her beautiful family are so inspiring.


  2. Thanks for the glimpse into what is sure to be an awesome feature!

  3. Might want to alter that link -- it takes us to the Canadian Amazon site, which is nice and all, but it needs a .com to work for the US. :) I changed and preordered. Yay!

    1. Thanks for ordering, Kristianna. The link has been changed; thanks for letting us know!

  4. Can't wait to see it - love NieNie and family!!

  5. such excitment ....and wonderful story to look forward to!


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