Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Giving Birth to a Nursery

  (a little photo snippet from Stephanie's new nursery)

Last Tuesday was one of the longest days ever.  Jenny and I were scheduled to depart in the afternoon to fly from Manchester, NH to Salt Lake City, UT to do a photo shoot with Stephanie Nielsen and her family in Provo.  
First, I had to shoot the food images for the Associated Press before I left. I began my day at 5:30 am with packing for the trip.  I then went into the studio to prepare the list and materials for my assistants to work on while I was away.  I then tackled the propping and image prep for the AP and had my assistant drop me at the set in Concord, NH, so she could use the truck to move things while I was away.  I shot until 1:30, at which time Jenny came to pick me up and take me home to load the truck. I took a brief break on the couch to pet Oscar and then it was time to leave for the airport.  
 (the gorgeous mountain view as we landed in Utah)

Now, the travel part of my work can be exhausting, but I really think I had underestimated what it would be like to be on two airplanes for 6 plus hours and then drive another hour in the dark at 2 am Eastern time to the hotel (does this sound like whining yet???).

(driving in Provo on day 1 of the shoot)
Before we left, we spent days creating some items to help Stephanie prepare her nursery for the arrival of her new baby.  Of course, this was such a special honor, as this little baby is such a beautiful miracle and I am pleased to be a part of helping Stephanie and Christian and the little Nielsons prepare their home for the new arrival.

SO, as busy as it was, it was all so absolutely worth it (and you will see what I mean shortly). Once we had a good night's sleep we had the very best time: working with the Nielsen's was a dream and we found a wonderful respite from the work of shooting at a place called YOGURT LAND where you can pick from dozens of soft serve flavors (even sugar free!) and a multitude of very fresh toppings.

Stay tuned until next time when I will tell you about our creative preparations and how the humongous "crate" finally landed at the Nielsons.

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  1. Safe travels Matthew & Jenny...look forward to finding out what was in that crate.
    And Yogurtland...found something similar at The Mall of America~not much of a mall kind of girl, but my son & I would definitely go back for the yogurt bar ~worth every penny.

  2. very very excited to see the continuation of this story!

  3. So....when do we get to see the nursery? How is Stephanie feeling? Y'all are great friends to travel across the country in winter. You rock!

  4. Oh I can't wait to see her nursery!! I just love her blog and been following for years!! She is one amazing lady. God will bless her richly!!!


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