Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Free Holiday Gift for you...from Amy Locurto!

  We are lucky to have had some supremely talented people contribute to Holiday with Matthew Mead. And who other than Amy Locurto of Living Locurto can create whimsical printable designs that we can pass along to you, our readers, for FREE?!

Amy created some adorable holiday printables for our contributing style editor, Stephanie Nielson, to use for her family's holiday celebrations. 

Use Amy's free template and the directions below to create your own festive snowmen drink bottles:


To make snowman bottles you will need:
4 recycled mini seltzer bottles, washed and cleaned
4 pieces of wood dowel (1/2 inch by 10 inches) and crayola clay in white, red, black, yellow, orange Downloadable labels from Living Locurto
double stick tape

1. Roll a 21/2 inch ball of white crayola clay.  Place the dowel through the center of the ball to create a hole through the entire sphere.  Use clay in various colors to create your own hats, face, and ear muff embellishments.  Attach to the clay ball immediately.  Let finished creation dry on dowel for 48 hours.  Remove creation from dowel and place straw through the existing hole.

2. Download and cut labels from LivingLocurto.com.  Attach to the bottle using double stick tape.  We created name flags using scraps of paper and writing names on the flags.  Attach flags using double stick tape.

3. Fill bottles with desired beverage and place straw inside bottle Rest the snowman figure on the bottle top.  Snowmen can be reused by threading on a new straw.

 A big thanks to Amy Locurto for sharing these festive holiday downloads!

Happy Entertaining!


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