Friday, November 4, 2011

Something to Crow about...!

 Yesterday was one of those days.
Long, hard, challenging, tiring, and by the time we walked through the door of our home, we barely had the energy to flop onto the sofa and exhale.

And then Linda (our executive editor) texted us with an urgent "CALL ME"

So we did.

And what she told us had us practically jumping up and down and whooping with joy!

She had received a verrryy interesting email on our behalf. And, of course, I can't reveal its contents just yet, but let's just say our feelings of exhaustion made way for those of elation.

Then, she delivered some more good news: she had received a Google alert containing some soul-gratifying kudos for us about HOLIDAY 2011. 

Would it be too boastful to share them?

(I can't help myself; I am going to anyway!)

Because I cannot express how great it feels when readers reach out to us and/or let everyone know that they really like our work. Here goes:

review #1: 

As always, Mathew Mead inspires you to try something different for Christmas. For me, even crafting can be done in time and making the season more delightful and happy. Always love his easy recipes as well. These days when the world seems to be bitter and angry, reading such wonderful inspirations from Mathew and family makes the days more happy with anticipation of the holidays. 
review #2:
My first issue of a Matthew Mead Holiday issue was the one from 2006 Country Home magazine. I still have it, as resources like Mead are too special to cast off into the oblivion of the recycle bin! Mead's abundant warmth, camaraderie, effervescent almost elfin thrill at making the ideal cocoon for one's home, office or apartment is so appealing the only thing I wish for is that his annual special magazines would feature MORE of him and his ideas! I understand he is providing a wide range of stylistic talents for us to consider (and doesn't everyone 'decorate' even a little bit during the many holidays from September through December?) but when it boils down, it is Mead's delightful (and sometimes unexpected) contributions that I most enjoy. Just skimming through any Mead issue is like a little oasis from everyday life. Not exactly armchair decorating, what Mead does is not merely "decorating," his idea about 'home' and our spaces is closer to living, not filling up empty spaces. 
review #3:
Matthew Mead never disappoints. His Holiday book is brimming with great ideas that won't break the bank. I especially like seeing the articles from some of my favorite bloggers. It makes me realize that normal every day people just like me can have wonderful creative ideas to share and how many wonderful talented women (and men) there are out there. This will be added to my collection of favorite Christmas books that I go back to year after year for new ideas and inspiration.

Suddenly, I have a brand new spring in my step!

Thanks to everyone and anyone who cheers us on. 
We appreciate it (and you!) more than you will ever know.


Buy our expanded keepsake edition of Holiday with Matthew Mead 2011 here.


  1. Let's just say, I agree with those reviewers. As someone who lost a job this year, I MADE SURE to come up with the funds for your Holiday magazine. I'll keep it FOREVER. Brag on!

  2. Effervescent and Elfin....perfect!! I'm hoping my copy is in the mailbox today. I know it will be a very special read....over and over again.

  3. You have a lot to be proud of, Matthew! There are just a handful of people as talented as you are, so give yourself a big pat on the back!

  4. I agree, you have a natural style that is influenced by how your live your life...finding happiness from the little details surrounding you!
    I just picked mine up this week. It was to my sheer delight to see it for sale in my own city in Ontario, Canada!!
    Thank you Mr. Mead!!
    All the Best,

  5. This is the first year I've stummbled upon you. It will be on the must have list for years to come, so don't give up!!

  6. Good things come to good people. You have an unforgettable aesthetic, Matthew. When all that talent is combined with the sort of humility you exhibited as you wrote about your day yesterday, well, it's no surprise to those who follow you that this is well-deserved and earned via hard work and commitment. To end your post thanking all who support you clearly shows what an incredible person you are.

  7. Your holiday issue (2011) is so astounding to me... !!!

    You "borrowed" inspiration from an amazing local Detroit artist... and didn't give credit where credit was due:

    Shame on you!

    Stop "stealing ideas" and embrace other handmade artisans!

  8. What the??

    I came here to say how happy I was to find this beautiful magazine on a local newsstand and was drawn in by the gorgeous tree on its cover. Bravo!

    I also just read the comment above mine and of course my curiosity was piqued to see which idea Matthew Mead "copied" so I had to follow the link. I am guessing that you are referring to the tree topper on the cover, as it is the same idea as the ornaments in (I am guessing) your shop? Well, I have to say that I have seen similar paper ornaments many places, and in fact am really shocked that you would assume the idea was copied from the Etsy shop! The topper, in my opinion, looks like many of the stick on gift toppers that I put on Christmas gifts each year. I think that this is an example that there is no truly original idea, and if one thinks they have one, they should rush to trademark it, especially for something that can be made with paper!

    Well, enough about that! I for one am going to pour a cup of coffee and enjoy this beautiful magazine. It feels like snow here in Denver and I am feeling the holiday spirit!



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