Friday, October 14, 2011

It's beginning to like a lot like Fall, Christmas, and Spring...!

 OH BOY...! Has it been a bit crazy for us around here!!
A little gossip for you: we have big plans centered around our new magazine to launch this spring: FLEA MARKET FINDS with Matthew Mead.  It has a multitude of projects, decorating ideas, and stories that I hope you will find downright unexpected. But, it will also involve a big and special contest where we will include our readers and bloggers in ways that will enable us to help further your career dreams, just as MARY EMMERLING was a mentor for me when I started out. Oh, and we've got the upcoming launch of my vintage inspired product line (The Matthew Mead Collection), some exciting contests that will hopefully put cash in YOUR pocket for the holidays, and who knows, I just might turn up on your doorstep to help you decorate your tree! 
Would any of you like that?



Buy our expanded keepsake edition of Holiday with Matthew Mead 2011 here.


  1. How exciting! Your new home collection is beautiful, and I can't wait to see your new magazine, congratulations! All of your hard work has certainly paid off, and it is always so great to see people who give back by mentoring others!

    Kat :)

  2. Love it! Matthew you are an inspiration!

  3. *gasps* *splutters* :O REALLY????? :D OMGoodness.....I would fall out in a dead faint if you showed-up on my doorstep to help me decorate my tree.....*squee* But I hope to see lots of photos of the lucky soul who gets the Matthew Mead Yuletide Treatment! Y'all are so gracious and generous. I must needs visit the Matthew Mead Collection ASAP and get a handle on my Christmas Shopping List! {Be right back.....}

  4. Darn the luck! I am a day early (which is unusual for me)....but I'll be back to shop tomorrow ;P

    Have an excellent weekend, guys!

    Ricki Jill

  5. Sounds very exciting!!! If you came to my home you would probably want to decorate more than my tree while I hide my face in shame.

  6. Really, who wouldn't want Matthew Mead to show up and help decorate their tree? I haven't even put up a tree the last couple of years, but I would if I knew you were coming :)

  7. Oh yes! If you showed up on my doorstep, I would definitely let you in and you are welcome to decorate anything you want!

  8. If you stop by to decorate my tree please bring wine. I think I'll need to sit and sip in a Contessa like fashion while the magic happens! :)

  9. Hooray! So exciting.

    Who wouldn't want you to Christmas their house?

  10. Just got my reader to pick up your blog. So happy about that. And if you showed up on my porch for tree decorating, I would let you pick which one of the three. Unless you wanted to do two of them (smile).


  11. Love! Would be so honored! My girls and I will have cookies waiting for you. Stefanie

  12. Bought your magazine before I went on vacation. There I was in Cancun at a Ritz C. reading your magazine poolside/oceanside...omg!...I was SO inspired! I have all these ideas in my head for my papercrafting arts....what an awesome publication! God's best to you, Matthew.


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