Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Have you ordered HOLIDAY 2011 yet?

 We are so excited by the overwhelming response we have had from readers who share our excitement about the latest issue of Holiday with Matthew Mead. Each day, we are sent so many wonderful letters from readers telling us how much they have enjoyed each issue and for those who have already received their copy of HOLIDAY 2011, you have been so kind to share your enjoyment of all that is contained within.

We thought it would be fun to share some more sneak preview images of some of the features in HOLIDAY 2011. Enjoy!

And if you haven't already ordered your copy of this expanded keepsake issue, be sure to get yours soon!



Buy your expanded keepsake edition of Holiday with Matthew Mead 2011 here.


  1. I just discovered your blog this morning and I love it. You are putting me in the holiday spirit already.

    Paula, your newest follower

  2. Yes, I have and am looking forward to it and all that fabulous inspiration for the holidays! Thank you for all your tireless work and your passion for a truly high quality magazine. One worth keeping and referring to year after year. I have pulled last years out and it is still great!

  3. Bought and received mine from Amazon already and am loving it!


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